(Face and Body Mist)

CORE & PURE Rajnigandha Floral Water is derived from fresh farm flowers hand plucked in the early morning when its natural chemical compounds are at its best. It is expertly Steam Distilled and 100% pure & effective.


Hydrosols may also be called Hydrolats, Hydrolates, Distillates, Flower waters, and most commonly Floral Waters. However, it is not accurate to call all hydrosols “floral” water since hydrosols can also be distilled from the leaves, bark, stems, roots and other parts of the plant. They are produced during the same distillation process that also extracts the Essential Oils. It contain 0.2%-0.5% of essential oils which give hydrosols their fragrant scent and therapeutic properties. The distillation process transforms fresh natural nutrient-rich plant material into a “tonic” water that contains the water-soluble therapeutic properties of the plant that are not present in the essential oil. Pure and Natural Hydrosols have great health and beauty benefit. Each type of hydrosol brings its own unique benefits. Hydrosols can be used topically for various beauty and health benefits and can be consumed internally. 

  • Great for damaged and wrinkled skin

  • Excellent toner for matured skin

  • Powerhouse of anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties
  • Maintains skin pH
  • Hydrosols are used since ages in multiple ways either by adding in some preparations or directly. Rajnigandha water is used as Toner, Body and Face Mist. Add Rajnigandha water in your Bath for adult and kids, Sitz Bath, Compress, Beauty products like Masks, Scrubs, Moisturizer, Shampoos, Conditioner, Make-up remover, Rinses, Kids scent,pets,  etc.

  • Mist on your face before applying crème/moisturizer will help skin stay moist longer while balancing overall condition and texture.

  • Anytime your face feel dryness, humidity, stress, smoking, fatigue – Rajnigandha mist can bring relief even without ruining make-up.

Spray directly on face and body.

Add in your beauty products preparations as required.

For bathing, add some quantity in your bucket.

Add small quantity for any your DIY.

Free from artificial colours, fragrance, preservatives & petrochemicals.