(Refreshing and Clarifying)

CORE & PURE Basil Soap is handcrafted and infused with Grade-A, Essential Oil. Basil antifungal and antiseptic properties clarifies and refreshes your body and mind. It gives luxurious feeling and makes your skin overall healthy & smooth. Its fresh and herbaceous aroma stays with you long after you’ve left the shower.


The way we treat our skin, have a major impact on our overall health and well-being. Our skin is porous and absorbent and is the body’s largest organ. Every time our body protects us from environment threats and toxin chemicals, which can penetrate the skin and transferred into the bloodstream, causing many health damages. Body soaps are meant to cleanse your body, remove dirt and excess oils, and wash away germs that all can contribute to unpleasant odors and infection. All soaps have at least one thing in common: They clean. The difference is in how? Some soaps strip away the natural oils that should be in your skin. It can leave your skin dry, flaky and irritated. Simply put, body soaps should be mild, moisturizing and potent nutrients, which won’t strip away the oils your skin need and leave your skin, clean, healthy and hydrated.


  • Refreshes and clarifies your body and mind.

  • Keeps your body nourished and moisturized

  • Soft and Fresh feeling

  • Natural aroma stay with you

Good to use as a body, face and hand soap

Lather up then rinse clean. Keep dry between uses.

For external use only.

Free from artificial colours, fragrance, preservatives & petrochemicals.