What Are Essential Oils?

Essential Oils are the core essence of plants. These are concentrated, volatile and highly potent natural chemical compounds. It is hidden in flowers, leaves, barks, roots and seeds. Essential oils gives plants its scent, protect it from hazardous environmental conditions, helps in pollination and many more important functions. Essential oils have been used since ancient civilizations across the world in Aromatherapy, Healthcare, Personal Care, Beauty Treatments, Food Preparations and Religious Ceremonies. These are the most Natural Offerings that mother earth can offer to human kind.

How Do Essential Oils Works?

When you open a bottle of pure, unadulterated essential oil, your senses are instantly filled with its potent aroma, even from a distance. What your nose detects are the naturally occurring elements of the essential oil.

Every essential oil varies in its natural makeup, so aromas and benefits are also unique. For example, Lavender oil includes elements that make it effective for soothing skin irritations, reducing anxiousness and feelings of tension, and promoting a restful environment for sleep.


Essential Oils Benefits…

  • Holistic Wellness (Internal and External Care) Works on Mind, Body and Emotions
  • Treats and Heals The Problem From Withinnot just the Symptoms
  • Boosts the immunity
  • Balances the hormones and other internal functions
  • The most potent and natural offering from mother earth
  • Highly Concentrated -Very Powerful
  • Less Quantity- High Results – Minimalistic Approach
  • Aromatized Feeling Always
  • Multiple and friendly ways to use like Topical, Inhalation and Ingestion

Essential Oils- Multiple Ways to Holistic Wellness…

Alternate Therapy:

  • Aromatherapy, Hormonal Balance, Immunity Booster, Infection, Wound, Insomnia, Decongestion, Stress, First Aid, Digestive System, Nervous System, Respiratory System, Stretch Marks, Menstrual, and many more…

Beauty (Skin, Hair, Body, Nail, and Grooming):

  • Direct Application, Soap, Face wash, Scrub, Serum, Crème, Mask, Massage oils, Shampoo, Conditioner, Shaving, Perfume, Deodorant, Leave on, etc.

Home and Personal Care:

  • Disinfectant, Floor Cleansing, Surface Cleansing, Room Sprays, Linen Sprays, Laundry, etc.

Food and Beverages (Flavors & Fragrance):

  • Main course, desserts, drinks, salads, soups, bakery, etc.

DIY: Single/Blend Essential Oil:

  • Can add or create your favorite product like Crème, Lotion, Massage oil, Face oil, Mask, Shampoo, Conditioner, Shaving, Disinfectant, Inhaler, Room Spray, Perfume, Diffuser blend, etc.



What Makes Essential Oils So Effective?

Some essential oils are soothing, toning, and grounding, while others are energizing, warming, and renewing—but all essential oils are natural. The variety of essential oils allows you to naturally and effectively maintain health and address your specific health concerns.
With so many essential oils available, you can tailor them to your specific wants and needs rather than be forced to settle for a generic solution. This makes essential oils a popular choice for those looking for the best natural solutions in the modern era. The versatility of essential oils is part of what has made them so popular in recent years. People love that they can use essential oils for a variety of tasks, without having to buy multiple products.

How to Use Essential Oils...

How do you use essential oils effectively? Rest assured that you don’t have to be an expert to enjoy the wide array of benefits that essential oils offer. All you really need is a basic understanding of how to apply essential oils safely and simply as part of your daily routine.


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