About Us…

  • Who We Are – An Essential Oil Company
  • What We Do – Offer 100% Natural Origin and Potent Essential Oils and Products
  • How We Do –  Sourcing and processing Grade-A, Essential Oils directly from farmers and certified providers
  • Why We Do –  Offer Holistic Wellness by Balancing Mind, Body and Emotions with time tested powers of Grade-A, Essential Oils

Inspired by immense benefits of pure Essential Oils (which are extensively described and prescribed not only in Ayurveda, also in medical systems like Greek, Roman, Egypt and many more since ages), CORE & PURE was born to provide age old and time-tested benefits of Essential Oils that nature can offer. CORE & PURE is not just a name but a promise of purest and potent Essential Oils to impart true benefits which appeal to every individual from the novice to the expert. Each product undergoes meticulous quality checks from conceptualization to final product to ensure highest quality not only to meet but also exceed international standards.

Each product CORE & PURE created and designed, meets your needs with simplicity and effectiveness. Its unique and proven formulas offers immense benefits for all your Beauty, Health and Wellness requirements.


  • We at CORE & PURE strongly believe that true WELL-BEING (Internally and Externally) can be achieved by experiencing the purest and highest quality Essential Oils and products. If your Health means a lot to you, then Using synthetic, adulterated or mixed essential oils are of no use, just a fake satisfaction. We are always committed to harness and source purest Essential Oils from different nook and corner of the world to deliver you the best of the experience.
  • Our endeavor is to provide every customer best possible purest and potent products.

Power Of Essential Oil

CORE & PURE Message..

As we are experiencing during COVID-19, how important is our immunity, health care, hygiene and usage of natural products. We strongly recommend to use Essential Oils as part of your daily life to boost your Immune System, Balancing the inner functioning, meet your Health & Beauty requirements, and keep your spirits up as Essential Oils are much more than Natural Products.

Essential Oils are the best solution for Holistic Wellness…


  • We respect our environment – Material used are biodegradable (when possible).
  • We respect our animals – Products are not tested on animals.
  • We respect your Well-being – Products crafted are effective and from 100% Natural Origin.


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